Bai Tu Long Bay


Bai Tu Long bay is situated in the Gulf of Tonkin in the North East of Vietnam. Bai Tu Long borders the South West of Halong Bay, and is between the main land of Cam Pha and Co To Districts. Bai Tu Long Bay includes thousands of small and large islands with accommodating locals.

Legend about Bai Tu Long Bay

According to the legend, when the country was just founded, Vietnam was attacked by invaders. God sent a family of dragon from the sky to help the country. When the boats of invaders came, dragon family puffed various pearls and treasures and they created hundreds of islands and islets, forming the solid walls to protect the country against the invaders. The invaders boats were blocked by the rocks and had to return home. After the battle, Mother dragon and Child Dragon stayed. The place where Mother Dragon descended created Halong Bay and the site where Child Dragon descended is Bai Tu Long Bay. The tail of the dragon extended far in the sea, forming Bạch Long Vĩ island (meaning “The Tail of the White Dragon”)

Weather in Bai Tu Long Bay:

There are two different seasons on Bai Tu Long Bay: It is hot and wet in the summer, and  It is cold and dry in the winter. The average temperature is around 15-25°C with a rainfall of around 2000mm/year. Bai Tu Long has a tide of 3.5-4m/day. The salinity is about 31-34.5 MT in the winter, and lower in the summer.

Things to do in Bai Tu Long Bay:

You can cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay. Many cruises are offering 2 days or 3 days cruises, with on-board nights. Swan Cruises is proud of having an itinerary that pass by a variety of beautiful places such as Thay cave, Vung Vieng Fishing Village and Tra San Island, Cong Dam. Swan Cruises also offers kayaking, sunset party, cooking demonstration, Tai Chi in the early morning, and a wide array of different activities. Swan Cruises will allow you to discover the most remote area in Bai Tu Long Bay, bordering the Gulf of Tonkin. You can find there a quaint fishing village and a lagoon.



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