Gala dinner on Christmas Eve

Harmonize with music and light, deep into a happiness - overflowing atmosphere, make new friends from many different culture throughout the world in the gala dinner on Christmas Eve, 2018

A Christmas season is coming soon!  When the space is covered by quite cold climate, many streets are splendidly decorated and everyone rejoices to pray for happy new year. At that sacred time, perhaps everyone looks forward to health, love, especially family union.  Have you experienced “happy new year“  in a far east bay  - Bai Tu Long with your family, friends,…

You will have a great chance to deepen into the joyful atmosphere and experience sweet moments, make friends from throughout the world which is absolutely new to your incoming year.

On Swan Cruises and Swan Boutique Cruise, we promise to offer you the unforgettable moment on the last day of the year. Our program will be well-organized by a trained team as below:

19.30 Welcome Swan Cocktails

19.45 Open Christmas Eve Gala Dinner, Program Introduction

20.00 BBQ buffet dinner on the sundeck

22.15 Team building games with many special things waiting for you. In addition, you can sing karaoke, show your beautiful voice with us.

23.30 Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Swan Cruise and Swan Boutique Cruises look forwards to giving all of you this occasion. Everything will be built by love and appreciation.  Let us show our gratitude to you who chose and is choosing us to accompany with your experience in Vietnam.  

Let me listen to your voice, organize your Chrismas on Noel  Eve  in a far east bay, and help you remain the memorable moments with your family and lovers.

Don’t hesitate to book this special tour and experience new thing s with us. Join in Bai Tu Long bay 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights from 24th Dec and get a unique experience.
Christmas party will be surcharged $25/person ( compulsory)


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