A must-explore location in Bai Tu Long Bay: Vung Vieng fishing village

Have you imagined about the life covered by sea water? Have you ever thought of an experience in such a life? The unique of culture and ecology is constantly highlight that impresses any tourist when visit any location. Vung Vieng floating fishing village luckily own both attractions. Tourists are definitely impressed by the stunning beauty of flawless nature and fine arts of sailing.

This floating village is located in the heart of Bai Tu Long Bay, It is about 24 kilometers from the mainland. All households living there organize into a floating village and its population is about 160 fishermen including many generations, but mainly children and the middle-age. In Vung Vieng, of course the main transportation of every home is bamboo boats. The local people also can buy some necessary things such as oil, oil lamp, drinks, …

Perhaps, the most impressive feature towards all tourists when visiting this village is its unique architecture. The best way to explore the majestic nature and floating houses is rowing bamboo boat, the local people will guide you to go around the houses and contemplate the pristine bay. However, this is not an only way to be immersed into the open atmosphere and tranquil nature. Tourists can kayak themselves through thousands islands and islets so as to satisfy their photo-taking hobby. Visit Vung Vieng, anyone has the same feeling that this attractive small village seems to be shielded by thousands of limestones. And somewhere near there, the tourists can see the flawless sandy beach. However, not only nature but people also make contribution in building the stunning beauty of this village.

Regarded as one of the most attractions of Vung Vieng, local people are super friendly and honest with the cheerful smiles.  Eventhough Vung Vieng is not the biggest floating village in Vietnam, with the population of 160 residents, Vung Vieng still creates its own beauty by the indigenous culture value. This is absolutely a great chance for any tourist  to uncover economic activities of a typical fishing village. Vung Vieng’s residents grow pearl, fish, and many other marine animals. Travelers can try netting fish and taking fish catched by net. In addition, under the guidance of Halong Bay Management Authority, Local people also know how to develop community tourism and eco-tourisim, but still protect the nature. With the project: “ For Green Halong”, local people have a hand in conserving natural environment.

When the night falls, that the atmosphere seems to be cold by the light spots of oil lamp is warmed by people’s singing vocals. The image of peaceful life appears to haunt anyone who has had  a chance to visit here.


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