Paradise of Vietnamese food with a professional group of chefs, Swan Boutique Cruises bring the most authentic and traditional dishes of S – shaped country.

a vase of lotus


On Swan Boutique Cruises, tourists will be served all meals on a spacious space and enormous sea view. To guarantee that all demand of tourists can be met, Swan Boutique Cruises are proud of the well-trained and experienced  crew and chefs who have ability to recipe numerous types of food, appropriate  with the appetite of travelers from throughout the world. What is more, Swan Boutique Cruises mainly place an emphasis on Vietnamese traditional dishes. Swan Boutique Cruises give you a chance to try on Vietnamese typical cuisines. All are decorated in oriental style.




Cuisines contain love and passion, each cuisine performed expresses wisdom and personalities of cook.


Viet Nam has been known as a rich cultural land. Thousands of years passed by, Viet Nam still remains the beauty of culture and human beings. One of the must-try things that foreign tourists should experience when paying a visit to Viet Nam is traditional food.


In Swan Boutique Cruises, all meals are served professionally in a multicultural space, though mainly oriental. Even though there is a tendency to guarantee that everything in the restaurant was designed to remain every human of Vietnam tradition and custom, Swan Boutique Cruises still have modern outfit on. All services and amenities certainly satisfy table companions. With a variety of excellent dishes from Western to Eastern food combined to the unique way of recipe and demonstration of Vietnam, the whole cuisine experiences on board wishes much interesting and attractive. In the restaurant, to enable guests to entirely harmonize with the typically oriental atmosphere, designers had to pay much attention to every detail and focus on the most minute thing. Colors have been also selected carefully so as to keep both traditional and modern beauty. Especially decoration, a pot of lotus is always well- balanced at bar lounge. Pictures hung on the wall are totally handicrafts and canvas. All objects were made of natural materials originated from neighborhood.



The diversity in menu is also a highlight of Swan Boutique Cruises, the dishes served in four or seven meals (the number of meals depend on the itinerary of tourists) are changed continuously to ensure that no dish is repeated. Some names of food can be mentioned such as chayote squash stir fried with garlic, sweet and sour salad with banana inflorescense, grilled oyster with spring onion, flamed prawn on hot stone with vodka flavor and so forth. With nearly fifty dishes, Swan Boutique Cruises always ready to serve guests in a short trip but an unforgettable memory.

Not only do Swan Boutique Cruises serve tourists food, but also serve beverages. A huge number of wine and soft drinks available on board, the tourists will have a plenty of choice to use favorite drinks. Apart from some types of beers originating from Viet Nam, all other drinks are imported mainly from France, Canada,…and they are reasonably priced. Besides main meals, a little alcohol at sunset party on top deck is a definitely perfect experience.


Nothing can be meaningful if we do not try ourselves. Come to Swan Boutique Cruises so as to enjoy hearty meals in the space covered by music and light.


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