With a wide array of relaxing methods, Spa on Swan Boutique Cruises is absolutely beyond your expectations.

Swan Boutique Cruises provide various methods and treatments of spa which definitely bring the great sense of relaxation and enjoyment to any tourists. All are served in a Vietnam-styled space. Swan Boutique Cruises hope to help our tourists escape from the city where the life is busy and crowed. The atmosphere is overflowing of soft flavor of flower. 

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What types of spa treatments on Swan Boutique Cruises?

With a well-trained team, spa staff are very knowledgeable about this aspect, especially massage. This is known as the most popular spa treatments not only in Vietnam but also in most countries throughout the world. We provide both facial massage, foot massage and full-body massage aiming at benefiting your health. With the use of warm and cool jade stones combining with sea salt and kama oil  to release tension, pressure, and tiredness, Swan Boutique Cruises hope to bring the most relaxing moment to you.

Spa on Swan Boutique Cruises is an integral part of Western and Eastern therapies with a number of Vietnamese traditional materials such as lotus, sea salt, lemongrass, ginger,…. 


There are 2 main types of spa treatments which Swan Boutique Cruises provide, those are facial and body treatments. In Spa, massage is regarded as the most favorable service. When using this treatment, tourists have a chance to get three following benefits.

  1. Deep cleansing: This treatment enables you to get rid of oil buildup, dirt, toxic on skin due to the surrounding environment; remove dead cells and provide moisture for skin as well. To avoid skin issue caused these harmful factors, women should spend time on taking care of appearance and protecting skin by facial massages.
  2. Anti- aging: After thirty years old, aging process works more and more rapidly, this is the reason why everyone should focus on protecting skin. Spa is the effect method to avoid anti-aging process.
  3. Relaxing: Massage help blood circulation work smoothly. Thanks to this good point, your skill becomes more healthy and stronger. In addition, skin is also the same other part of body, it works every single second to get rid of toxic, in modern life, our skin has to approach environmental factors doing harm of it. In addition, skin is much influenced by internal hormone. When anyone is under stress, body also generates toxic damaging skin, so relaxation is super important. Besides relaxing ways, you also choose spa like the most effective and rapid method.

With these three main advantages, It is absolutely essential for everyone to choose. With the purpose of helping tourists experience holiday entirely, Swan Boutique Cruises offer spa service on board performed by professionals in terms of beauty care. Swan team is committed so that every single moment is worth in tourist ‘s holiday.

5 Spa treatments on Swan Boutique Cruises:

  • Vietnam foot massage:

Using traditional oriental massage techniques and impacts on the acupuncture points of the soles, and then impact the whole boday, this will help relieve pain, relieve stress and support the treatment of the disease.

  • Leg and foot

Be energized by foot reflexology treatment that uses pressure points of the feet that correspond to specific parts of your body to release tension improving circulation and release enery throughout your entire body.

  • Neck, back, and shoulder

Focus on relieving tension of commonly over stressed areas. A variety of Vietnamese traditional techniques send you a total rejuvenation.

  • Body relaxation

Applying pressure on accupoints is an ancient art, it is one way to relieve these stress and tiredness. Our therapists incorporate with Vietnamese traditional modalities combine together to best meet your needs.

  • Body massage with hot stones

Hot lava stones with enrich you to reach deep relaxation, we combine many techniques and warm lava stones to relax the body as it’s deepest level. The powerful metathesis energies of lava stones are known to promote a harinonizing and cleansing effect and a positive energy flow.


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